Follow KPIs in Slack

Feel the pulse of your business

Follow progress towards company goals, from the apps you love to Slack or any channel.
Share metrics, activity and trends. Celebrate wins. Grow.

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You’ve got growth happening all over the place.

Good problem to have right?

Well, only if everyone is going in the same direction.

When you’re sailing north, but the crew is rowing east and west...

...that’s when things go south!

Misalignment kills companies.

Everything breaks from 10 to 30, 100, 300+.

So, you’d better make the goals clear to everyone, always.
Droyd helps you do just that, every step of the way.

Get the pulse of your business then share progress across teams.

And when you win, celebrate together!

Data where you need it, when you need it

Get performance updates in Slack, Google Slides or via email automatically, from any data source.

revenue in slack general
Send the latest revenue numbers to #general or get granular in team channels. Keep everyone in the loop, remote or on site.
Automatically update Google Slides
Droyd updates weekly team meetings on your behalf, so you can focus on value added activities.
Automate investor reporting
Investor update, partner engagement, team kickoffs... Leverage the email channel to create internal and external reports.
Follow individual targets in Slack
Track your own objectives or drive your team's performance with individual reporting cadences.
"It's working very well, it's a quick win. It brings transparency to the sales process by making sales data available to everyone.
Sales receives congratz from the rest of the team which is much appreciated."
Terence shipup COO

Térence D.

COO, Shipup
"Droyd is super useful. I can check my sales targets first thing in the morning in my Slack feed, alongside custom notifications on trial activities we had set up."
Morgan Account Executive Sales Aircall

Morgan B.

AE, Aircall
"We already had a custom built, daily MRR update in Slack, which the whole company loves. With Droyd I can now give visibility to each rep on their goals in Slack, and share a KPI report to regional managers, no custom code needed."
Chalom Direct Sales Europe Aircall

Chalom M.

Sales Director, Aircall
"I got a massive shoutout from our VP of Engineering. Droyd reports in Slack are a great way to keep everyone aligned on progress towards revenue goals, from sales to tech teams.”
Kendal Revops Loop Returns

Kendal E.

RevOps, Loop Returns
"We're scaling fast, we need to keep the team in sync with our OKRs.
We receive updates on our pipeline in Slack which helps for motivation. Droyd is much more collaborative than traditional dashboards."
Pierre Co-founder OnePilot

Pierre L.

Co-Founder, OnePilot
"Outbound requires focus. We send 2 reports a day to our SDR team on total volume of calls made. It motivates them to overdeliver each day, as a team. They love it, and it doubled our call volume one month after implementation."
Andrei VP Sales Aircall

Andrei S.

VP Sales, Aircall
"Call volume went up 40% in 1 month!

We added daily notifications in our SDR channel, at noon and end of day, showing the team's call volume."
Sales Call activity results in Slack
Terence COO Shipup

Andrei S.

Sales Director Southern Europe, Aircall

How it works

Set up Droyd in three simple steps.
‍Share trends, build ownership and alignement.

Connect your apps

Any app, from Salesforce to HubSpot or Stripe.

Aggregate your business metrics by pulling data from the source. Engage your team by pushing metrics where and when it matters.

Define metrics and goals

A KPI dictionary for your team.

Set the source of truth for your business metrics. Improve ownership with a central repository for your operations.

Schedule reports

"New leads count, every morning, to my inbox."

Different people, different habits. Combine metrics in simple reports, set where and when it should be sent to. Less hassle, better results.

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Get signal from the noise

Droyd tracks milestones and surfaces trends so you can work better together.

Templates feature

Follow goals as a team

View progress against objectives or previous periods in Slack, automatically.

Integrations feature

One click integrations

Connect any data source. Pull KPIs from your CRM, billing system or warehouse. Aggregate and send to your favorite channel.

Templates feature

Pre-built templates

Metrics and report cadences are provisioned instantly. Trust our operating templates, or tweak to your liking.

Ready for smooth operations?

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