MRR in #general, every day? Get Droyd reports in Slack automatically. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly in any channel.

Automate KPI reports to Slack

Compute your KPIs from your CRM in Droyd and send them to Slack automatically.

Pull existing reports automatically or build your own queries in Droyd. Set goals or compare evolution against a period.

Schedule daily, weekly, monthly

Combine metrics in Droyd reports and set the schedule, to the Slack channel of your choice.

Track your sales inputs, or get a high level review of your pipeline and closed deals. Collaborate on data by sharing it where everyone sees.

Getting started

To get started, just signup to Droyd here. Once logged in, follow the account creation steps then connect Slack from the integrations menu.

You will be able to automate reports on any of your Droyd metrics, to Slack, using the Reports functionality.

You can find more detailed help documentation in our help center.

Not sure what to track?

Why not create a report of closed won deals, every day, in Slack, to the sales team? Add your goals and motivate the team to go the extra mile.

Something like this:

And in the #general channel, why not send a daily update on revenue and NPS?

Ready for smooth operations?

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