Follow progress on your email campaigns performance in Slack. Open rate, # of conversions and more.

Automate reports from lemlist in Slack

Compute your KPIs from lemlist in Droyd and send them to Slack, Google Slides or any destination.

Build reports on your campaigns performance and share them with your team in Slack.

Empower your sales team to promote their work

Following a cadence requires discipline and focus. Help your Sales reps get motivation from the team by sharing their progress in Slack.

Easily share reports on the progress for a given campaign.

Combine data with other sources

Combine lemlist data with other data sources in Droyd and track everything in one place.

Get insights on how your campaign perform relative to the pipe you create.

Not sure where to start?

Why not a review of campaign performance, every day, in Slack, to the whole team? Add your goals and motivate the team to go the extra mile.

Something like this:

Ready for smooth operations?

Your mission is too important to jeopardize it.
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