Schedule revenue updates in Slack. From MRR, ARR to Churn or number of customers, ensure your team knows where business is at.

Get revenue updates in Slack

Get key metrics from ChartMogul in Slack to keep your team up to speed on progress.

By getting daily or weekly updates on revenue in Slack, ensure your team is always aware of the state of the business.

From MRR and ARR to Churn, Number of Customers or ARPA, rally everyone around the company north stars.

ARR Updates in Slack with Droyd and ChartMogul

Build a transparent operating culture

Modern companies help employees thrive through transparency. Sharing revenue in Slack on a regular basis is a simple action that can drastically impact culture and leadership.

Help your team know where the boat is sailing to, and how close to the next milestone you are.

Set and track goals on revenue

Dashboards are great to deep dive on information. But often, what we need is a quick refresher on where we're going, and where we are now.

With Droyd, set goals on top of your revenue metrics and follow them as a group in Slack.

Want to double MRR in a quarter? Easy, add a daily notification on your goal and create natural focus accross teams.

Combine data with other sources

Combine ChartMogul data with other data sources in Droyd (i.e. CRM, Helpdesk, Sales Automation) and track everything in one place.

Get insights on how Revenue grows relative to the rest of your sales pipeline.

Not sure where to start?

Here's one of our favorite and simplest Droyd use case: MRR, every day, in #general (or a dedicated company channel).

Update your team on MRR in the morning and evening. Let everyone celebrate revenue milestones, push to the finish line and discuss when a decrease happens.

As a C-level or leadership team member, post comments below the MRR notification to single-out an event or milestone and create a cadence around revenue growth.

Here's an example:

Ready for smooth operations?

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