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Getting to know us

What is Droyd? Droyd is a software product. With it, you can schedule reports to the destination of your choice, using business metrics from the apps you use. For instance, we like to send revenue updates in the #general Slack channel every day.
Why did you build it? Work becomes more efficient, more transparent when key metrics are consistently shared across the team. That's true from 2 to thousands of teammates. Droyd gets you there in a simple and engaging way.
Why would I use it? Whether remote or in office, ensuring the right data gets to all stakeholders on time keeps everyone aligned on the objective. In practice, it's difficult to achieve. Everyone has different habits when it comes to reviewing progress. Droyd does it for you.
Also, coding a Slack bot, pulling data from different sources + maintaining all of that is a pain. We thought we'd save you the hassle.
Who's the team? As of today, Droyd is a bootstrapped company. It means that we are self funded. We're a team of 5, currently working on it outside of our day jobs.
We've helped several startups scale, from Ops and BD to Tech and Product. Droyd is an app we wish we had then. It draws from the best operating practices we've encountered.

Stuff Droyd does

What are the available data sources? You can currently get data from SalesForce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Wootric. We'll be adding more and more, so check out our changelog. For detailed info on each connector, here's our user documentation.
Where can I send reports to? Slack and Zapier Webhooks. Slack is our most advanced destination at the moment. Zapier Webhooks give you flexibility if you're in a hacky mood. We'll build more destinations as we grow, so stay tuned, and do share your ides!
Why Slack? Business data is all over the place. Operators lack visibility. Slack is where work begins for many companies. We've seen reports in Slack becoming a best practice for top teams. Yet there's no easy way to set up such reports or maintain them. We decided to change that.

What Droyd isn't

Is Droyd like Zapier? Nope. Droyd focuses on metrics, not events. Workflow automation tools primarily help you track each new thing that happens. Droyd is about computing business metrics. Say you have a Zap in place to track each new signup in Slack. Why not try complementing it with a Droyd report showing how much business these signups generated at the end of the day?
Is Droyd a BI tool? Not really either. Droyd is  a new kind of report automation app. There are many great products to get dashboards. Droyd is about getting the KPIs flowing to the right people at the right time. Celebrating milestones. Aligning on shared definitions of key metrics.

Money, Money, Money

How much does it cost? Pricing is transparent and displayed here. Droyd starts free! It doesn't get too crazy as you add capabilities: $70/mo, then up to $200/mo, no commitment. That being said, keep your eyes on the prize, not the price ;).
Can I try it first? Of course. We provide a 14-day unlimited free trial. Setting up Droyd takes minutes, so you have ~20,150 minutes to benefit from unlimited reports.
What do I get with each plan? The Operator plan lets you send 1 report from 1 source. It's for individuals who want to track a few KPIs.
Growth plan unlocks unlimited sources. It gives you the flexibility to aggregate several data sources in the same report, and run 3 reports concurrently. It's great for a team with daily and weekly reporting cadences, for instance.
The unlimited plan is... well, all unlimited. It's the right choice when several teams and individuals need automated reports.
Is there a free plan? We do! Droyd is self funded, so our customers are the ones driving our growth. We believe in building a profitable, sustainable business. Setting up a custom integration between one data source and one destination can take days of development. Droyd is much cheaper, simpler and extensive than that. On top of that, it constantly improves (check out our changelog).

This could be us

Are you hiring? Raising funds? Not yet. Although we always love a good cold email, so hit us up if you think we should chat. You can follow us on twitter and slide in our DMs or contact us via email.
Why am I not a customer yet? Go figure! We'd love to have you on board. Just push the big button below and get started for free. Our team will be there to help along the way.