How Loop keeps the team focused on ambitious goals using Droyd

June 10, 2021
Raphael Assaraf
"I got a massive shoutout from our VP of Engineering. Droyd reports in Slack are a great way to keep everyone aligned on progress towards revenue goals, from sales to tech teams.”

Kendal Elder, RevOps at Loop

I began writing this story right after a discussion with Kendal who leads RevOps at Loop Returns. This is our first full length customer story, so we wanted to make it as earnest as possible. 

Building a startup, some moments feel very special. For instance, when a customer achieves exactly what you had envisioned with your product, all on their own and gets value out of it. It further validates product market fit and gives you the confidence you need to keep pushing.

Beyond this initial stage of validation, it’s all about scale. And scale means ambitious growth targets. That’s where Loop is at now, and we’re glad to support them in their journey.

Achieving ambitious goals

“We have pretty ambitious targets and so I want to set the Sales team up for success. I was looking for ways to track our goals and keep the team engaged on a daily basis. 

Kendal found Droyd online and decided to give us a shot. With Droyd, she was able to set a report on their ACV (annual contract value). 

We currently use HubSpot as a CRM, and needed a way to easily communicate objectives with the entire Loop team - that’s when we found Droyd. I was curious about the ability to leverage Slack for this use case.”

Every day, in a dedicated Slack channel, the team gets a feed with:

This helps keep everyone in sync on progress, and allows everyone to see how they contribute to the company’s success. 

Here's what their report looks like:

Loop's report. Strong emoji game!

Fostering cross-functional collaboration

“I got a massive shoutout from our VP of Engineering - he had not seen automated KPI reports in Slack at other companies. Droyd reports in Slack are a great way to keep everyone aligned on revenue goals, from sales to tech teams.” 

On the one hand, the sales team gets cheered on by the rest of the group. On the other hand, the engineering team builds more knowledge of the revenue goals and progress towards the next milestone. 

Building a habit of everyone looking at sales metrics on a regular basis is a challenge for revenue teams today. Tech teams don’t generally have access to tools like HubSpot, and if they do they might not always be able to stay up to date on the latest pipeline changes. Getting the updates in Slack allows everyone to measure the pulse of the business, no matter where they are or what’s their role. 

As founders of Droyd, cross-functional alignment is why we started building the product. So when we learned that Loop used our product that way, we were extremely proud. 

Getting to 100% data accuracy

If we want to be brutally honest, the onboarding wasn’t 100% smooth. We were missing a feature in Droyd to match the timezone of Loop’s HubSpot account. This small bug made the Droyd numbers slightly off when measuring what was closed during a day. 

Hopefully, we were able to identify the core of the issue and ship a fix in the next few days. 

Droyd now returns exactly the same data as HubSpot for a specific period, independently of your HubSpot account timezone

The Loop team was full of understanding and helpful as we were trying to pinpoint the issue, which had not impacted other customers so far. 

Looking back, it was all for the best, as we were able to show Loop our commitment to building a top notch experience. That being said, we’re thankful for the next batch of HubSpot customers who can now benefit from this improvement.

A bright outlook

Droyd reports are now running daily at Loop, and the team can react to progress and milestones reached in real time.

But there’s more opportunity to grow: adding more data sources to bring KPIs from other teams to Slack, building individual reports for each sales rep, and of course, adopting new Droyd features as we develop our product.

We’re glad to partner with such an amazing team. 

How to build a report like Loop's?

Like how Loop setup their daily Slack report?

Here's how to build a similar one using HubSpot, Droyd and Slack in less than 20 minutes:

Step 1: Connect Droyd with HubSpot and Slack

Step 2: Build metrics

Metric #1: Closed won amount this month, target metric
Metric #2: Closed won amount today, simple metric
Metric #3: New logos won today, simple metric

Step 3: Set a report cadence and channel

That's it!

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